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Good Libations ™


Good Libations™ has developed a natural and organic product formulations, delivering a better and smoother taste within hours when added to alcohol based beverages.

Currently the spirit industry is dependent on storing the spirit in barrels for up to +20 years to achieve a smooth taste. The Company's proprietary formulation dramatically accelerates the aging process, creating a better and smoother taste by enhancing or decreasing specific compounds within the distillate. The result is a product that has a taste profile that is similar to those of long aged barreled products.

Our technology consists of natural occurring organic GRAS compounds (FDA designation: Generally Regarded As Safe), making it very affordable and requires only hours for the enhancement to occur vs. years of aging, thus saving time, enhancing quality and increasing customer profitability by getting products to the market faster.


Check out the article in the Twin Cities Pioneer Press, "Startup Showcase: When the spirit can't wait, Good Libations moves in"

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Shawn Patterson, CEO | 612-578-3675 | Shawn@Good-Libations.com

Dan Fisher, President | 763-458-1476 | Dan@Good-Libations.com